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Most of your average belts have a width of 1.25"


We make every belt by hand and every belt is to order. We deliver a high quality handmade belt that should last you a lifetime if taken care of. 
These belts are made with 10/11oz vegtan cowhide.


*Long nameplates are usually limited to 18 characters. Short nameplates are limited to 10 characters*


Belt Length: General rule of thumb for ordering one of our belts is to add 3" to your waist size. If you want a more accurate measurement, take a belt that you are currently wearing and measure from inside the tip of the buckle to your favorite hole that you wear your current belt in. Be sure to include the buckle in your measurement, NOT just the leather. That will give you the exact size you need to order your new belt.

Master Nameplate belt all option

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