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This is how we measure our belts. If you have an existing belt follow the directions in the picture below. We will make your new belt to the measurement of whichever hole that you are wearing on your current belt.


If you do not have a current belt to measure, add 3" to your pants size. That number will be the size of the belt you need to order. This method works for about 95% of people. If you like to wear your belt a little  loose then you might add another inch to the belt size, thats up to you.


36" waist = 39" belt

38" waist = 41" belt

40" waist = 43" belt


To measure an existing dog collar, use the same method as above. Measure from the end of the buckle to whatever hole the dog is wearing the collar in.

Another method is to take a tape or rope and measure the dogs neck with a couple fingers of room between the tape and the dogs neck.

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