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Most of your average belts have a width of 1.25"


If you do not know how to measure a belt for a customer we have a tab on the main website on how to measure a belt.


We make every belt by hand and every belt is to order. We deliver a high quality handmade belt that should last you a lifetime if taken care of. 
These belts are made with 10/11oz vegtan cowhide.


*The color of your nameplate is based upon your buckle choice. If you choose a brass buckle, you will receive a brass nameplate. If you order a silver buckle, you will receive a silver nameplate unless otherwise noted with the order.


*Long nameplates are usually limited to 18 characters. Short nameplates are limited to 10 characters. If you would like a short nameplate, please put that info in the comments section with your order*


*if you require a 44"+ belt please contact us instead of placing an order on here*


Dark Brown Wholesale Harness Belt

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