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373 Southland Dr.
Lexington, KY
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Current Store Hours:
Mon-Friday - 10am-6pm
Saturday - 11am-3pm
Sunday - Closed

We are The Last Genuine Leather Company

Your one stop shop for anything leather.

We are located at 373 Southland Drive in Lexington, across the street from the Oleika Temple and Winchell's Restaurant.



We do a lot of leather repairs. Jackets, purses, zippers, etc.. You name it and we can probably fix it for you. We cannot do shoes or fur however. Those two things require a whole different set of tools and machines that we do not have in the store.

We also do custom work. We can do anything from a basic knife sheath or gun holster all the way up to a custom belt with hand tooling, painting, and airbrushing. If you can think of it, we can probably make it.

Here are some examples of things we sell

~ Handmade belts, key tags, bracelets, dog collars, and leashes

~ Leather jackets, vests, and chaps

~ A variety of leather hats

~ Wallets, checkbook covers, purses, and clutches 

~ Briefcases, bags, notebooks, and planners

~A variety of different leather hides and tooling leather

~Leather tools, stamps, and hardware

~ Leather dyes, finishes, conditioners, and other chemicals

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